Tips to write your own vows

10 Tips for writing your own vows!

Every ceremony I’ve performed has been unique and special for each couple- it’s what I love about performing ceremonies! Some couples know right away that they want to write their own vows to each other- it’s such a special touch! Think the most traditional vows I know- to have and to hold, in sickness and health etc- you are promising to be there.  This is your time to publicly pronounce how you feel and let everyone know what you promise to each other.  That can be very daunting! But not to worry- it’s not as hard as it seems! Here are some great tips!

  1. Speak from your heart.  Think about why you love your fiancee, and why you are marrying them.
  2. Think about what you hope to provide in this relationship. What do you want to provide to your fiancee? Love and comfort? Stability?
  3. Do not try to write your vows in one sitting.  Some people certainly can do this- but it’s best to think on them, reread them out a couple of times before saying them in front of your entire group of family and friends!
  4. Take notes! Ideas and thoughts pops up all the time- while driving is always when my best ideas come up- so take a notes so you can include it in your vows. (Do not write and drive, or even type a note and drive- Siri can do it for you!
  5. Talk with your fiancee about what you hope for each other! You do not have to tell each other your vows but it’s a good time to discuss what you each expect.
  6. Get inspiration from old photos or old texts. That can help to stir up feelings!
  7. Poems and movie saying can be a good way to help you write- it’s ok to incorporate a saying or favorite quote in your vows! sunsetcouplewedding
  8. Do not get caught up in the fact that you ill have to publicly speak.  Just look at your officiant and your husband or wife to be while speaking and it does not really matter if the person in the back row doesn’t hear you- you can fill them in later after you are not so nervous!
  9. Do not worry about memorizing your vows- reading them from a piece of paper or even your phone is perfect acceptable!
  10. Have fun with them! Do not be afraid to throw in an inside joke or something to make your fiancee smile- everyone will love it!

Remember to enjoy this time planning for  your wedding- before you know it you will be a married couple! These vows are for you and your fiancee! Make them promises you are sure to keep and that’s all that matters!

Happy Wedding Planning!