Don’t worry, my aunt is going to coordinate my day!

I know, I know, there are so many parts to your big day- or any event! And if you’re like me, you have it under control!  You think you have thought of everything and planned it all- but who is in charge of making sure that it goes off with out a hitch? (The only hitch- ing should be between you and your fiancee that day!)   I have been to many weddings watching the bride and groom stressing over the details, every small item that they have planned- and they never quite have a chance to breathe and look around and enjoy. Or they aren’t quite sure how to keep moving through the night so that the photographer gets all of the pictures they want and keep dinner on time so that the dancing doesn’t start too late.

Sure, you can assign your mom, aunt, cousin, Maid of Honor, just about anyone- to be in charge, but then are they enjoying the day? You want to have fun, relax, and you want your loved ones to also have fun and relax!  Plus, do they plan and coordinate big events often?

So what do we do when we coordinate your wedding? (Hint: it’s not just the day of coordination!)

We coordinate the logistics of your wedding day to make sure that everything that you have spent months planning runs exactly how you envisioned. From the arrival times of the florist, limo pick up and drop offs to packing all your gifts and goodies at the end of the night, the day-of coordinator will take care of it all.

When your day-of coordinator comes on board, we will be the new point of contact for your vendors. They will introduce themselves to your vendors and get an idea of what to expect on the wedding day. Also, the coordinator will review your contracts and understand exactly who is doing what and when. We will create your day-of timeline, which will break down all the details regarding arrival times, setup and breakdown.

This one is very important: Your coordinator will do a site visit with you, and discuss all of the details you have planned, to get an idea of how you envision the space on your wedding day.

The day before your wedding, your coordinator will run your rehearsal, and on your wedding day, she will be there to run the show!

It’s sometimes a 15-hour day, (depending on the package and agreement) and we’re there to make sure that each hour of your wedding day is worry-free and seamless. Depending on your arrangement with your coordinator, we will pack all of your goodies up at the end of the evening (cake knives, flutes and gifts), distribute the tips, and ensure the hotel has “romanced” your bridal suite, if she was not able to do it herself.

So many times I hear,  “I should have hired someone to coordinate everything and everyone- it was so much more than I expected!” and “I was too worried that my vision wasn’t happening that I didn’t enjoy my guests!”

A coordinator ends up being priceless when you look back on your wedding or event and realize how well it flowed and how you didn’t have to worry about a singe little thing!

If it’s not me that you choose – be sure to choose someone that is reputable, that has experience, and fits your personality–that way you know that you can truly sit back, breathe, look around, and soak in every minute knowing that your vision is coming true and you can actual enjoy it!

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