Why do we coordinate weddings?

✨✨Here’s a note from Jennifer✨✨

I started my wedding career officiating. I would arrive to weddings without a clear someone in charge- and the feeling of the day was stress. I would instinctively really want to bring the ability to breathe and relax to my couples so they could experience the true meaning of what was happening. It’s their wedding day!

My couples know someone was in charge and it is going to be ok. More than ok- perfect! Then I realized it was only natural that I take over the day. I’m an Italian Irish girl that’s also an Aries and Leo. I was the captain of my cheer squad and then lead 100s of cheerleaders as a coach. (To first place many times —but that’s another story)

This is my thing- to lead. But it is so much more than me being bossy. I love the emotion and fun of your wedding day. We are not just having an event. I know we’re making lifelong memories —-not just for you but you family friends and guests. I know that. I love that.

And that’s why I want you to meet my team. We want to ensure you get to feel that emotion of your wedding day without a tiny bit of worry that it won’t meet your expectations or that you have to manage it-we are here.

My entire team is here to ensure you feel comfortable, relaxed, excited for the fun and joy of your wedding. Knowing, we got this!

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