My name is Jennifer and I am an ordained minister through Universal Life Church.  How that began was because of my best friend actually! She and her fiancee had the crazy notion that they believed in me to officiate their wedding.  I began to think- if she and her fiancee thought I could run her wedding-surely I can do it! Along with all of my cheerleading experience, I’m no stranger to leading a few hundred girls, be it in a parade or a competition- what’s so different about a Bride and her maids? 😉  Also, it scared me a little bit and I believe if it scares you-you should probably do it!jenflagscloseup

Becoming ordained is a simple process —you really do just register your name with an online church, mine is the Universal Life Church- and viola! I’m an ordained nondenominational minister! Well, long story short, my best friend and her fiancee have yet to officially tie the knot- but that hasn’t stopped me from marrying almost 100 couples!

top-pro-badgeIt’s so much fun to work with each of you as you are getting married- especially since it forces you to think about your relationship -and you will do a lot of smiling and grinning!   My couples also getimg_0001 to make sure that their ceremony is exactly what they want- I  love writing up each script for each wedding!



I feel so lucky to have fallen into this- I am not a minister who spent years at the monastery- but I am spiritual. I believe in God, and I’m open to the many religions out there.

For a marriage, to work it takes love.  Love is what you need, if religion is important to you, then we will make sure your ceremony reflects that! I believe in working with each of you to make it perfect!  You can really see that by my Reviews – check them out by scrolling down that link.


Here we are on our wedding day August 21st, 1999

In this picture, you can see my amazing husband, Bill and I – we have been married for over half our lives, we have 3 great kids- so I like to think I use that experience to really get each couple off on a great start!